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Events Natural Hair Academy 2015 (Fourth Edition) Paris March 21, 2015

With 600 to 800 participants in one day this exclusive event is dedicated to beauty in general and natural hair specifically. The Natural Hair Academy is a premier educational event for consumers to come and learn how to take care of natural hair and discover quality brands and products.

Thank you Diaspora for always putting together excellent, educational events around the world and inviting me and my brand to be apart of the Diaspora experience! So far I have enjoyed each and ever adventure we've had together, from Paris to Dakar, Senegal and I always look forward to the next collaborative event that you create with you innovative knowledge of cultures, countries and the wonderful people that live abroad! I am always excited to see what international projects you come up with next! Be sure to count me in!
-Felicia Leatherwood

Diaspora Products played an integral role in our European expansion in 2013. Lead by Chimole, Diaspora Products helped us navigate into the European market with a full suite of services that included event planning, local language translations, and even logistical and travel support. I could not have asked for a better partner to help us become a truly global beauty care company. I don't think of Diaspora Products as a distributor or wholesaler. I think of them as a partner who helps us manage through the many facets required for global expansion.
- Ken Burkeen, Founder & CEO, Huetiful