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Our Valuable Service

Introducing your products into an international market can be challenging. Therefore, Diaspora Products Inc. offers services to support companies through this integration process.

Distribution Services (small scale):
Diaspora Products Inc. will buy products directly from manufacturers and sell to retailers or end users abroad. We will assist you with customs procedures, as well as, help you to meet local safety, labeling, and packaging standards.

Broker Services: Diaspora Products Inc. will help to establish valuable partnerships with select retailers abroad, in order to optimize product placement and retain brand integrity. We will also conduct employee trainings and promote consumer education by offering demos, product sampling, and reading materials in the host language. Keeping our retailers engaged with selected brands, as well as, paying attention to the evolving needs of the consumers are key. Methods used to accomplish these tasks will vary from one foreign country to the next.

Consumer Activities: Diaspora Products Inc. understands how important it is to educate consumers. Once brands become accessible, it is crucial for the customer to understand how a particular product is used to obtain satisfying results. We will, therefore, encourage consumers to participate in social networking sites (blogs, tweets, Facebook, etc.), webinars, and workshops to foster dialogue and buzz around our selected brands. Pamphlets, flyers, and “How to guides” will also be made available to end users.