Diaspora Products
Global Distribution of Health and Beauty Products

Diaspora Products Inc. is a boutique product brokerage and distribution company created to supply people of color around the world with relevant products, particularly in the areas of health and beauty. The ultimate goal of the company is to reach people throughout the various communities of the diaspora (Europe, North and South America, Africa, and beyond), with needed products they have little or no access to.

Companies who select Diaspora Products as their distributor or broker should feel confident knowing that we are
committed to achieving the following objectives:

  • Maintaining brand integrity abroad
  • Ensuring proper brand placement in designated host countries
  • Performing preliminary market research in order to better ascertain consumer demands
  • Establishing close relationships with retailers in various countries to meet the consumer’s needs
  • Offering training to sales representatives in the field
  • Educating the consumer on the benefits and usages of the brands being offered

Diaspora Products Inc. combines an understanding of our vendor’s wishes with our consumer’s needs to obtain optimal financial results. We will provide a cultural, logistical, and financial bridge to facilitate all transactions and interactions between all participating parties within the international context.